Finding “The Perfect Wedding Venue” for you or your guests?


When booking a venue; are you thinking about what you want, or what is best to accommodate your guests? You can to an extent do both.

Choosing and finding the perfect venue for you both can be one of the most important yet hardest things to do. Nowadays, so many locations get booked two years in advance, hence why it’s one of, if not the first things you have to book. Lots of my clients when they come to me believe they have exhausted all avenues in finding that special place.

For some there is the additional dilemma of whether you should choose one within easy reach for everyone, or one that is further away but that has a ‘special something’ for you both. 

Should you choose that one, “the one” that is amazing but for most of your guests it may be an hours drive or maybe more, or even a flight?. Or should you go with the one that is ‘OK’, but has an easier journey for everyone?

This is a very common dilemma and one that I myself had to grapple with when planning my own wedding in Spain.

This is my take on this….

·      Firstly, do what is most important to you and your partner. Focus on making sure you are both happy and that the venue covers all that you want.

·      Remember, you cannot please everyone. If you get too caught up in pleasing everyone, you will never accomplish what you really desire.

·      Investigate the local hotels in the area of the venue, and have a range of options to suit different budgets.

·      Draw up a transport plan ahead of time. Put options in your invitations or wedding website for the guests, such as contacts of local taxis. Alternatively, you can organise their transportation (i.e. mini buses or coaches) to transport guests from place to place. This will make it very easy for your guests to know where they are going, and most importantly it keeps the schedule on time.

It is simple, choose the perfect wedding venue for you; don't forget there is so much you can do to make your guests transit easy and in doing so your guests will be there regardless of how far they have to reach you! 

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